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Whether you donate $1.00 or a box of used school supplies, every contribution is appreciated. Check out our ideas of ways to get involved and help give the children of northern Botswana a reason to smile a little brighter.

E-mail for updates on current fundraisers or to give us new ideas!

We are presently working to build a school in the village of Pandamatenga. Pandamatenga is a rural village about 100 kilometers from the nearest town of Kasane, in Northern Botswana. There is only one school here, and many children have to walk up to 6.7kilometers to get there. Not only is this a very long distance for a small child to travel, especially in the extreme African temperatures, it is also an unsafe route. Lions and other wild animals have been seen crossing the same road the children take to school. Attendance suffers greatly and there have already been 10 drop outs this year. The community would like to build a preschool and primary school on the other side of the village so that the younger children will not have to walk so far. Building Botswana has met with the community and has a team in both America and Botswana working to make this dream a reality.

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