Our Story

Naomi Baldwin and Ashley Howard attended high school together in Pennsylvania, USA. After graduating in 2002 they went off to separate colleges and rekindled their friendship in 2010 while volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa.

While traveling through Southern Africa, they were welcomed into the homes of local families and community members. It was the captivating culture and tight-knit bond of these people that inspired the women to make a difference. Once they had seen the collection of children playing in the streets during school hours, the dream of Building Botswana began. And it was decided that the first major project would be to build a school in Botswana.

Building Botswana is dedicated to the optimistic communities in Southern Africa where neighbors prove sharing is the secret ingredient to avoid starvation. Here they believe hope can manifest miracles, and perhaps they are correct. After all, the two American women that were so moved by these locals have now created an organization that will assist them in reaching their dreams. Building Botswana is continuously working on projects that will empower these communities to make a difference in their future.

Mission Statement

Building Botswana's mission is to partner with locals in Southern Africa to build hope for poverty-stricken communities. With respect for cultural diversity and an emphasis on education, we aim to inspire moments of optimism by empowering locals to make a difference.

Botswana Stats

  • Population: 2,029,307
  • Languages: Setswana, English and various tribal languages
  • Population below poverty line: 30.3% (2003 est)
  • Life expectancy: 60 years
  • HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate: 23.9% (2007 est)
  • Children orphaned: 20%

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